How to avoid high heels causing serious damage to your feet and body?


How to avoid high heels causing serious damage to your feet and body?

70% of women between the ages of 18-68 say they wear high heels. Feeling immediate acute and chronic pain in the feet, metatarsal area, knee, and spine.

Harmful and functional effects on the nervous system and posture.

For over 100 years, women have worn high heels, sacrificing their health over their aesthetic, worldwide. Moreover, there is both a massive return to high heels, as major fashion trends have shown, and a deep need of wellbeing.


GAIT-TECH® unveils first built-in insole solution for high heel shoes, relieving disconfort and preventing injuries

Our patented insole solution, replacing the existing insole, is adaptable to any type of shoe, fits every pair of feet, and doesn’t compromise the original heel’s beauty.


The device consists of specific and differentiated support surfaces for each single metatarsal head, which is the part of the foot on which most of the body weight is concentrated and that’s why the insole relieves pressure on the foot metatarsal bone in order to provide a healthier and more stable “GAIT” when the foot is verticalized in plantar flexion. The peculiarity of our solution is that it is a fundamental structural component within the shoe, which is inserted during its production process and doesn’t have any impact on style.


Purpose &

How does it work and who is our target?

Our Purpose is to improve the health condition of all the people wearing high heels worldwide.
That's why, GAIT-TECH® is a B2B solution, integrated into the insole of high heels during the manufacturing stage. Meaning that our device is made for both Shoes Factories or Shoes Companies that want to upgrade the health of their clients when they wear high heels. It's not an after market product that you can buy and apply by yourself. 
It's an improvement that Companies could provide to their customers for their wellbeing and comfort thanks to our solution inserted into the shoes production.



Benefits for final clients

  • The biomechanical device redistributes pressure on the ground, cushioning the impact, making high heels shoes more comfortable without compromising their design.
  • The patented insole relieves pressure on the foot metatarsal bone in order to provide a healthier and more stable gait and more correct posture when the foot is verticalized in plantar flexion.
  • The Device brings also advantages on vascular and muscular system even after a day on heels: for instance gluteus and abdomen will be less swollen and more toned thanks to an active and dynamic gait.


100% Designed & Made in Italy

  • In 2021, GAITTECH srl has earned an international patent for the innovative invention from the official Italian office of Patents & Trademarks- Ministry for Economic Development
  • A bio-mech solution allowing women to feel feminine and sexy
  • A comfort for a better living: from the naming GAIT-TECH® to the end-result: innovation at the service of women’s health
  • Technically flexible for all heels and feet shapes


Product unveiling


January 3, 2023 Las Vegas, NEVADA

GAIT-TECH® has launched its first-of-a-kind biomechanical device at CES during the 2023 edition:

  • Classified on the first 300 projects from over 4000 exhibitors.
  • The decision to have launched our device at the most relevant stage of innovation and disruption worldwide is due to our aim as a company to create a movement of health and well-being when wearing high heels due to our technology.
  • Over 5 Billion of Media Coverage worldwide in one week

Official achievements

Official Certificated by
PHD MD Roberto Bevoni

Do you want to receive the official certification? Feel free to send an email to and we will send it at the soonest.

Patented by Bugnion

In 2021, GAITTECH SRL has earned an international patent for the innovative invention from the official Italian office of Patents & Trademarks - Ministry for Economic Development."


Empowered by SOLOS


Recognized by

In both 2021 & 2022 GAITTECH srl received funds which were been allocated to the most disruptive start-ups from the European fund for regional development for both EU & Italy.

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A mix of high-end Executives and Experts

gaittech-Andrea Goldoni

Andrea Goldoni

with over 20 years of
experience as Executive

gaittech-Marcello Benetti

Marcello Benetti

Head of Legal
PHD and International
Path in Law

gaittech-Stefano Caiumi

Stefano Caiumi

GPR - Global Postural Rehabilitation Expert with over, 35y experience
in R&D

gaittech-Simone Marchesini

Simone Marchesini

Orthopedic and Prosthesis Expert
with 30y experience
in R&D

gaittech-Diego Dolcini

Diego Dolcini

Creative Director
Technical Designer Developer
25 years Expert in
Footwear and Fashion Accessory

gaittech-Alice Carli

Alice Carli

General Director
Expert in Fashion
and Innovation for over 20 years

The team behind the project is a mix of high-end Executives and Experts combining heterogeneous DNA but complementary for the Project’s development.

This innovative team is based on “humanistic capitalism”, which enhances a contemporary strategy based on crucial attention to help and support people’s health and life; in addition to building a solid financial company.

Nowadays, ethics is as crucial as aesthetic and numbers. The latter might be the title that sums up their strategic and pragmatic approach to everything they do and trust.

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